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He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him. He is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.



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July 5th, 2006

Well, my running QH mare, Ici is in foal to my TB stallion Freedom, and if all goes well, should be having a baby around April 18 next year. Im soooooo excited, i can't stand it.

also, my mums QH mare (Jessie James / Hollywood Gold bred) is in foal to my Poco Tivio/Docs Perscription stallion, Docboy (whos a Homozygious Tobiano), so were going to have a nice cutting/reining bred paint next may. =^_^=

mwah, so i'm bursting. I can't wait for my baby to get here! It will be the first one, of all the ones we've had, that is MINE free and clear: I own the stallion, the mare and will own the foal! I'm expressing this excitement here because Ici has only been in foal for 2 months and every one is like "shut up already, we KNOW" haha.

okay, i vented.

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June 11th, 2006


Hiding Elvis
I am a cruddy mod.
*is ashamed*

does any one care?

May 4th, 2006


Hiding Elvis
I go to the vet in about 2 weeks to see if my mare Jessie is pregnet. *crosses fingers*
here are the parents, both belong to me.
(and im mostly guessing on foal color from genetic study, but i KNOW it will be a paint.)

under here, 'cause I dont remember how BIG it isCollapse )

so excited! also waiting for my other mare, Ici, to come in so I can breed her to Freedom, my TB. I havent had any foals in three years! :(


Hiding Elvis
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April 29th, 2006


Hiding Elvis
since im bored, i decided to make a news post... not much going on right now really.

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Hiding Elvis
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April 28th, 2006


Hiding Elvis
YAY! AmericanPaints is now open! now, to go out and fine people!
oh the joy of horses. i need to go feed mine. haha
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