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American Paint Horse - A LJ Community




He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him. He is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.


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Hi there!

I'm joining you all from not so sunny south Florida as an avid Paint Horse enthusiast! Currently I own one Paint, one Hanoverian, & a super sweet little Quarter Horse.

about the horse
Reg Name: Ms Dangerous Bandit
Barn Name: Jezebel
Color: Black/Blue Roan/White Tovero
Height: 14.3
Gender: MARE
Age: coming 6
Sire: Chick Bandit
Dam: Ms Midnight Danger
Potential Husband: Three Chips (Zips Chocolate Chip x Hug Me Zippo)
Talents: Eatting mints, Western Pleasure, Pole Bending (retired), Modeling (my private pretty!), Barrel Racing (retired), Halter, Showmanship (semi-retired), Reining (learning!), Racing (for fun!), Jumping (2'6" under saddle around 4' free jump just for fun!) Best Friend (highly accomplished!)

I bought Jezebel when she was a coming 3 year old. She was broke out for barrels as a two year old and just about as nutty as a fruitcake. The moment your butt hit the saddle she was off like a shot - and she's a very fast... Very agile mare. Staying on was a miracle (only come off her once and it wasn't her fault!! - fricken saddle wasn't done up tight enough -.- ). Since they only taught her to RUN she wouldn't lope. She also didn't like to walk, so we jogged and jigged everywhere. When we tried to teach her to lope, she would roar ahead and she would pick up one lead in the rear legs, one in the forelegs (very strange sensation indeed) - since then Jezebel's calmed down. She lopes very very very cleanly, we no long do poles with her aside from having fun at a jog just to keep her limber, barrels are a NO, jogging has slowed down, she walks - oh and she's been haltering and doing western pleasure like a true pro. We're in line to be showing at the 2007 APHA worlds. She's honestly my best friend & I trust her without a halter on no matter where we are. She's a very sassy mare, but to me she's absolutely perfect.

A partial shot of Jezebel taken by me about 4 months ago;

Anyway, hope to hear from y'all & to share experiences!!!!

  • welcome! your mare is beautiful. I'd love to hear about your other horses too. (bragging on horses is always okay!)
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