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He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him. He is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.



June 25th, 2012

Luna Love


April 11th, 2007

Its a boy :-D

Hiding Elvis
My mare, Ici foaled yesterday and we now have a very cute and strong colt running around the place. Nicknamed Leonidas:

March 20th, 2007

make it and then dont get on LJ for almost a year. when you come back, there are PEOPLE! ;)

and just for fun, some pics:

March 17th, 2007

(no subject)

Hi. I've been a member for a few weeks now, but never bothered to post, although I've been reading most entries. :D

I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I have two horses, who are boarded in a friend's barn about 5 minutes away, with their four horses.

My horses are Daybreak 'Breaker', a 3.5 year old Morgan/Appaloosa cross gelding. He's a palomino with polka dots, that have started to creep over his withers and up his neck.

The new (to me) horse is an APHA mare, Jagadoll. She's 25 years young, in decent overall health, other than having some teeth issues. At one point in her life, she sold for $30,000.00 US.

I just got her three days ago, someone had her for their teenage daughter but she stopped caring about having a horse. So basically she was being ignored, out back. We go to visit, to meet her, and were appalled. She was kept in nothing more than a shack, has no access to water while inside the barn, was getting no hay (supposedly because of her teeth) and the only food she was receiving was less than 2 cups of mashed alfalfa cubes and water. For the whole day. She's underweight, and dehydrated, but otherwise okay. We've gotten her on a senior pellet and beet pulp, along with very soft dampened hay, and she's doing GREAT on it. Eating like it's going to go out of style. Poor old girl.

Anyway, enough yapping. Here's some pics! Click the tag!Collapse )

December 22nd, 2006

While I wish this was a cool invitation to some mass trail ride or something equally as cool - it's not.

Sadly enough our state is in fact being taken over by a killer we have no vaccine for.

The new strain of Rhino-Herpes virus is an epidemic we can't control. And from what I've found out by called the local CDC (Center for Disease Control) as well as my local health commissioner and animal care & control - they have no plans to shutting down the palm beach county border, setting up a county wide quarantine or even shutting down the border to our state so that this disease can't escape by trailer to some other state with an infected horse on board trying to escape this plague.

Unfortunately this is a HIGHLY contagious disease. It has a 35 foot radius on a sneeze. If it's in your barn - it's in your barn. There's nothing you can do to stop or prevent it. There's no known cure.

So far only sunlight and detergent stops it from multiplying & moving. It kills it. But - like I said. If it's in your barn, your horses have it.

It has a 21 day incubation period - the first sign is a fever spike and it goes downhill from there straight on into neuroligal signs leading up to full rectal paralyses.

Unfortunately over 80% of the carriers are non-symptomatic hosts that just shed the disease. It came from Europe thanks to Warmbloods being shipped from there to Wellington, Florida for the winter show season.

Thank you retards for not quarantining your uber speshul jumping, dancing, million dollar, holier then thou horses correctly.

4 horses have died. There are 21 suspect cases as of two nights ago. They are not CONFIRMED. Only the 4 deaths are CONFIRMED cases of this outbreak. 3 in Wellington, 1 in Jupiter. There have been a total of 8 deaths, the other 4 are under investiagtion.

Wellington, Fl is under a quarantine. Vets & farriers aren't allowed to operate outside that city. But unfortunately this has spread to Jupiter, Fl which is a good 40 minutes away... & they aren't sure how that happened.

All we can do now is hope and pray these retards get this under control before it infects and wipes out more horses.

Like I stated - there is no cure. There's no anti-biotic or vaccine that can even TOUCH this virus.

& for me? I live maybe 15 minutes outside of Wellington. I have 2 horses. I board, train, & ride at a facility that has a grand total of 18 horses. 1 of which was just taken in from New York.

Stupid move.

He started sneezing & coughing today - but has no fever. So we're hopeful.

Just.... Pray for us. Please.


That is the only advice vets in the area can give.

Suspect cases HAVE been found as far north as Ocala.


::x posted everywhere::

November 25th, 2006

Yay for randomness!

Pics of my pony :D PicsCollapse )

November 17th, 2006


I was wondering if anyone could make me a few icons? I don't have a photo editing program on my new computer otherwise I would do it myself. I realized the other day I have NO photos of my horse on my livejournal (which is a crime punishable by death I think) and I must remedy this. PhotosCollapse )

September 19th, 2006


Hi there!

I'm joining you all from not so sunny south Florida as an avid Paint Horse enthusiast! Currently I own one Paint, one Hanoverian, & a super sweet little Quarter Horse.

about the horse
Reg Name: Ms Dangerous Bandit
Barn Name: Jezebel
Color: Black/Blue Roan/White Tovero
Height: 14.3
Gender: MARE
Age: coming 6
Sire: Chick Bandit
Dam: Ms Midnight Danger
Potential Husband: Three Chips (Zips Chocolate Chip x Hug Me Zippo)
Talents: Eatting mints, Western Pleasure, Pole Bending (retired), Modeling (my private pretty!), Barrel Racing (retired), Halter, Showmanship (semi-retired), Reining (learning!), Racing (for fun!), Jumping (2'6" under saddle around 4' free jump just for fun!) Best Friend (highly accomplished!)

I bought Jezebel when she was a coming 3 year old. She was broke out for barrels as a two year old and just about as nutty as a fruitcake. The moment your butt hit the saddle she was off like a shot - and she's a very fast... Very agile mare. Staying on was a miracle (only come off her once and it wasn't her fault!! - fricken saddle wasn't done up tight enough -.- ). Since they only taught her to RUN she wouldn't lope. She also didn't like to walk, so we jogged and jigged everywhere. When we tried to teach her to lope, she would roar ahead and she would pick up one lead in the rear legs, one in the forelegs (very strange sensation indeed) - since then Jezebel's calmed down. She lopes very very very cleanly, we no long do poles with her aside from having fun at a jog just to keep her limber, barrels are a NO, jogging has slowed down, she walks - oh and she's been haltering and doing western pleasure like a true pro. We're in line to be showing at the 2007 APHA worlds. She's honestly my best friend & I trust her without a halter on no matter where we are. She's a very sassy mare, but to me she's absolutely perfect.

A partial shot of Jezebel taken by me about 4 months ago;

Anyway, hope to hear from y'all & to share experiences!!!!


July 29th, 2006


Hiding Elvis
okay, i want to post a gaggle of picutres (is gaggle even a word?) because I take pictures all the time, and... okay, i just want to! ha.

I shrunk most of them to 15% so they are a little grany, but they *hopefully* won't kill any one on dial-up (like me)

image heavy... but oh so pretty!Collapse )

July 27th, 2006

(no subject)

Ok for my first post I guess I should say a little about me..Hopefully I won`t talk too much..:-)
um my name is Jennifer, I`m 21 going on 22 in a month, I got my first horse last summer, but I`v been riding since I was little, and then stopped for a long time and a few years ago, got the chance to get back into it, I have a beautiful breeding stock pain filly who is 2 and a half, she came from a beautiful overo stallion, and a red dun mare..Our story is really sweet, see I used to help out at this barn of an old friend of ours, and my husband asked about this 15 year old mare,but she wasn`t really what we were looking for, well my husband was looking for, It never even crossed my mind buying a horse,it was a shock BUT A GOOD ONE!So this guy said I have this filly back here, she was 17 months old at the time, but she is wild,she kicked the last guy who tried to buy her *she has never even tried to kick me..*and pushed people around..*but not me*But I let her get used to me and me used to her as well..,
her halter was too small for her and you couldn`t catch her, we had to pin her in a corner to get the halter bigger for her, she didn`t trust people and at the time I didn`t trust anyone or anything not even carrots....so her and I were exactly alike,when you would look at her you could see she was ready to give up on life, it was sad, but I was the same way.. I went there everyday and stood on the other side of the fence watching her, I eventually got up the nerve to go in, and I brought a lot of treats..and she slowly began to trust me and I trusted her, I never grabbed at her or forced her to do anything, I let her come to me and did that for a long time before I would do anything else,just sit there with treats everyday and hug and love on her, and tell her about my day,it was actually very relaxing and got rid of a lot of my stress..She has helped me so much, and I hope she knows that..I look into her eyes and I think she does..you look into her eyes now and she is a completely different horse, and I`m a completely different person..but we have changed in a good way, and I thank her for that..now she talks to me everytime I see her..a friend of mine also has a horse *who stays with my filly* she is a 7 year old thoroughbred and is pregnant right now to palomino paint stallion..should be interesting..:-)
for the last few years I`v been riding a palomino paint mare named dolly, and a bay QH named April..:-)
I love riding and my filly and I are going into our first show together..I ride western, and I`m hoping to do so much with her, and I know I will..:-)

um thanks for listening!
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